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Solutions for transport logistics

Main services offered
  • Sorting and control (mostly code)
  • Packaging;
  • Process optimization;
  • Storage;
  • Custody of documents and goods also for private individuals;
  • Provision orders;
  • Loading and unloading;
  • Assembling goods;
  • Wrapping services;
  • Services of express couriers;
  • Freight depot;
  • Packaging of non-food products;
  • C/t distribution;
  • Cash withdrawals from the vs. suppliers and forwarding to the final customer (B2B & B2C);
  • RETAIL services;
  • Packing and contract packaging;
  • Storage with packaging services;
  • Warehouse workers;
  • Cargo handling;
  • Forklift certified;
  • Services for third parties;
  • Services of loading and unloading, handling and storage;
  • Labour services
  • Handling and warehousing services;
  • Limelight management;
  • Side management office.

Storage, E Commerce, Data Entry, Housing e Stock Service

For those who want to optimize their office, reclaiming the spaces currently occupied by the archives, we offer seats on pallets with a volume from the m / c up, ideal for storing document archives. The service is also available for private individuals.
For E-Commerce, we offer goods storage services, guaranteeing quantity and quality controls on entry and exit. We also provide for storage in pallet places and / or on shelves according to your needs and the type of goods.
We offer national and international shipments for e-commerce and logistics, with the generation of the shipping label, through postal services, express couriers or freight forwarding services by truck, including all ancillary services, from cash on delivery, to delivery on Saturday, GDO and dedicated services.
If necessary, we can manage, remotely or with an operator on site, all the billing and / or data entry operations, necessary to speed up the production processes.

Security Warehouse

Security is an important priority in any warehouse, along with the productivity and efficiency. A good design and the right equipment can increase security, protect these goods, eliminate theft and other serious security breaches. The shipping areas or loading docks are one of the weaker sections in the warehouse, whereas staff of transport companies and others outside the organization can access your site for loading.
A proper access control, the possibility of background check, as well all'implemantazione of screening systems and passive defense, are some of the services offered to ensure the security of cargo and consolidate your image with customers.


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