Quality Management System Iso 9001-2015

SOGESI is certified by one of the most prestigious Verification Agencies in the world for its Company Quality System according to the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001-2015
Certified activities include the preparation and handling of goods, the core business of our company. The purpose of the certification is to develop, implement and improve the efficiency of the quality management system, in order to increase the satisfaction of all our customers.
All collaborators are involved in the Quality Policy and every business process is constantly monitored. The management and technical actions, applied in the entire organizational and production system in a systematic, planned and documented way, are aimed, in particular, at the achievement of the following objectives:
  • obtaining full customer satisfaction;
  • improvement of management results;
  • achievement of better levels of market competitiveness;
  • constant and continuous improvement of product quality and quality system.
SOGESI's quality system includes the selection of our suppliers and therefore the continuous control of the quality of the supplies of services and materials.

Fundamental to the achievement of quality objectives is the contribution of our Customers, because any reason for dissatisfaction on the part of one of our Customers is analyzed by the company management, in order to find and eliminate the causes. This phase is central to the continuous improvement of the quality system, because it becomes an important starting point on which to set up a quality system as compatible as possible with the needs of our customers.

SOGESI Certificate ISO 9001-2015

SOGESI For Social

SOGESI shares and supports the projects of  Médecins sans frontières

White List

SOGESI is in the so-called "White List" established at the Prefecture of Cagliari, for suppliers, service providers and executors of works not subject to attempted infiltration by the mafia, under Article 1, paragraph 52, of Law 6 November 2012, No 190 and subsequent amendments and additions (most recently Decree Law No 23/2020 converted with Law No 40/2020) for the category of road haulage for third parties.

CSR Corporate Social Responsability

SOGESI adheres to, adopts and implements the principles relating to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) according to the principles enunciated by the European Commission, recognizing that the advantages of joining CRS policies are tangible on several fronts:

Business climate: dialogue and involvement of employees and collaborators, with positive effects on productivity;
Relations with the local community: attention to the needs of the territory is positively perceived and contributes to the quality of life with concrete initiatives;
Reputation and loyalty: the reputation of the company can only improve, contributing to the development of a loyal and motivated clientele;
SOGESI guarantees that the services offered are supplied to the market in compliance with the ethical and social constraints that bind the company to the economic context in which it operates and lists the requirements for an ethically correct behavior of the company towards the workers.
In particular, SOGESI implements its own code of conduct and ethics which is based on the ILO Conventions, on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, on the UN Conventions.
  • Ban on the use of child labor and forced labor;
  • Protection of health and safety;
  • Freedom of trade union association;
  • Prohibition of discrimination of any kind;
  • Prohibition of illegal disciplinary procedures;
  • Guarantee of a correct working time, a fair salary;
  • Introduction of a social management system.
  • Accountability, accounting for its impact on society, the economy and the environment;
  • Be transparent in your decisions and activities that impact on society and the environment;
  • Behave ethically;
  • Consider, respect and respond to the interests of its stakeholders;
  • Recognize and respect the supremacy of the law by applying it to all its aspects;
  • Respect the international rules of behavior in adhering to the principle of legality;
  • Respect for human rights: respecting human rights, recognizing their importance and universality.


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